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On April 3, 2023, Nick Ayers, an investor in, and informal advisor to, PSQ Holdings, Inc. (“PSQ”), who is also expected to be nominated to become a director upon the completion of PSQ’s proposed business combination with Colombier Acquisition Corp. (“Colombier”) pursuant to the Agreement and Plan of Merger (the “Merger Agreement”), dated February 27, 2023 with Colombier, among other parties, a copy of which was previously filed with the Securities and Exchange Commission (the “Commission”) as an exhibit to Colombier’s Current Report on Form 8-K filed with the Commission on February 28, 2023, made the following statements regarding the proposed transaction that is the subject of the Merger Agreement as part of a podcast interview in which he participated.


The Will Cain Podcast – Interview with Will Cain and Nick Ayers

The Will Cain Podcast

April 3, 2023


Will Cain: It’s the power of fear. If anyone questions your point earlier in the motivation to base, I think it is the base. Greed, forget Wall Street the movie, it's not greed. The base human level motivation is fear and if you doubt that, watch Richard Dawkins with Piers Morgan. I want to go back into PublicSq. Okay. So tell me if I'm characterizing it right. To me, it looks like maybe the best parallel is Yelp. It's a place where consumers can go and app on their phone and find businesses of any of any industry that to your description a moment ago, share their values. Coffeehouse, leisurewear. But it's local, right? I mean, it's on a map. If I live in Southern California, I pull it up and I can see businesses in my vicinity that share my values. Is that a fair description?




Nick Ayers: That's it. In some places, it’s very ironic where most of the businesses have signed up. So if you're in Seattle, or if you're in Southern California, or if you're in Chicago, Illinois, when you go local, uh, you have a lot of options. And it's counterintuitive of -- wait a minute, there are all these freedom loving businesses in Chicago and Seattle, and you know, Southern California? And it's in response to -- those were the ones -- those small, medium sized businesses were the ones hardest hit with horrific COVID policies that attempted to put them out of business. And so that is one angle -- the local angle. And there are other markets where PulbicSq.’s got a lot of work to do. And I would say to your listeners, if you've owned small, medium sized businesses, whether it's a product or service industry, you know, you should register on PublicSq. There's probably now over a million users of it, it’s free to sign up and your business will get a lot of free publicity because it's exactly what Will said. It's Yelp-like, the differentiator is outside of the local option. And it's the feature I use more often than not, is just the products you can find from around the country and it's the marketplace so it's how I found an amazing cooler. It's how I found awesome socks. You know, I get my coffee from the company. I think they're based in Portland, Oregon. And you know, most of it is, you know, two days shipping, two or three days shipping. And so it's, it's both of those, Will, it's both a local angle and a national angle. And for businesses to sign up, they agree - they have to agree with the five values that are listed on PublicSq.’s website that are - that are not Republican or Conservative.


Will Cain: Can you tell me those values?


Nick Ayers: Yeah, I will, let me pull them up. But it's five values that essentially say we're pro constitution. We believe in the sanctity of every life. We're pro capitalism, and we commit to never spending our money on any American values or anything anti-constitutional. That's the gist of it. So businesses, to get on the platform, all they have to do is affirm that, hey, we won't take any of our profits and reinvest them in politics or nonprofits that are counter to these values and so businesses can sign up for free and then consumers can find those businesses for free. From an investment standpoint, there are two big things happening at PublicSq. that I'm excited about. One is they're on track to go public. Right now they're listed under $CLBR, which is the company that has acquired them for the purposes of going public. And so the stock is, you know, the stock ticker will change to PSQ once the SEC approves the merger, so that's exciting because the company will soon have a lot more capital to scale and grow. But just on a very, you know, practical level, consumers have the ability to to support PublicSq. by downloading the app or business owners can sign up for free.


Will Cain: There you go. Hey, um, so, a couple of questions. I hope I have the time with you to ask you this about PublicSq. How do you vet - so anybody can say our firm these values. How do you vet businesses inside PublicSq.?


Nick Ayers: Michael's got a great team, that's a team that's all they do is determine, you know, is this a real business? Do they have a real website? Do they have quality products? And is there any evidence that they fall outside of our values? So they have a vetting team. And then we have a very active community on the PublicSq. app that, I don't think he’s had any cases of this, but were there to be businesses that sort of were duplicitous, right? Representing themselves on one side one way and on the other side another, then our consumers would call that, call that out and they've signed a contract saying we will stick to these values. So if they breached that contract, then they’d no longer be affiliated with PublicSq. I lost my train of thought a minute ago. The second big thing that will soon happen as you know, in addition to having this marketplace, both local and national, PublicSq. will soon have some of their own products and the team that Michaels assembled who are DTC experts that will launch very high quality products that align with people's values on very sensitive and important topics in all of our lives will be exciting. So look for a major announcement. 





Will Cain: Well that leads me to this question. What's in - this kind of will bring our conversation full circle in talking about, you know, the motivations of various CEOs or corporations to distance himself from American ideals. What is the profit mechanism for PublicSq.? Do you take advertising from the businesses? Do you take transactional fees? Should something be ordered through PublicSq.? How do you guys make money?


Nick Ayers: Anyone can sign up for free that aligns with the values the -- the value prop right now to PublicSq. is that those who want to be promoted to the audience in a more targeted way? We have a very high click-through rate on a huge email distribution list. We have the ability to push notifications directly to you know, people screens, and so companies advertise with PublicSq., and the feedback again, I come at this as initially a potential investor and who went through nearly five months of due diligence with the company. So, I would call other companies who were advertising with PublicSq. and ask them about their experience and those who are spending advertising dollars against it would make comments like you know, we're getting a 10x return on our PSQ advertising dollars over our Meta advertising dollars. We, I, had a company, a company in the let's just say in the health industry that said I had to text Michael two days into their paid advertising campaign for my company to tell them to shut it down. Our customer service center could not handle the orders. And that in that is -- the -- tends to be more the rule than the exception is the companies that pay for the data to hyper target a consumer, you know, to find consumers through the platform, have had have had very good results but there are other profit centers in the future, Will, that Michael and his team have in the roadmap that won't be advertising, you know, advertising dollars alone.


Will Cain: Well I believe you on that return on investment for advertising, and I believe that if you guys reach critical scale, you're going to find an audience, the demand is there. I see it firsthand on Fox, by the way, hosting Fox and Friends. It's so fun. You know, almost every weekend, we host small businesses to come in who - Soldier Socks, for example, has been on Fox and Friends and it's really fun to say to these guys, and we're talking about a three minute television hit where some of these guys actually get 45 seconds because it's divided into three companies and say pull up your app. 


Nick Ayers: Right.


Will Cain: What you know - do you have an app that tracks you know traffic or orders pull it up? And in the wake of an appearance the it will absolutely, not spike, but hockey stick up. Which I think you can say okay, that's a testament to Fox. What I think it's a testament to is a customer pool ready, willing and engaged to become the customer of a business that reflects their values and to your point, has a quality product and I think another pressure point is you got to have ease of use which - which brings you guys, PublicSq., back in. People -- people want to have values. But the truth is, it's got to be easy. It can't be hard. 


Nick Ayers: That’s it. Nope. 


Will Cain: I don't drive 20 miles to get the thing I want when the one that defies my values is one mile away, you know.


Nick Ayers: Will, that's exactly it. I mean, because at the end of the day, you only believe what you and I believe if you're also really a capitalist, which means for my money, I want the best product at the lowest price with the most excellent customer service. So the values alignment just has to be the icing on the cake. 


Will Cain: Right. 


Nick Ayers: It can't be the whole recipe. And the opportunity I see for this company is that if you think that there are 100 million Americans who are who are fed up with how out of touch most of the companies that they are doing business with are, and then you say okay, well, who actually who can I name off the top of my head who aligns with my values, what I think the ordinary Nick or Will would say, and we're ordinary people, but if you just sort of ask them cold on the street, I think they probably go well I can -- I can buy a pillow. I can buy a chicken sandwich. I can go to Hobby Lobby. And beyond that, you know, maybe they can buy some gold coins from a broker who advertises, but like beyond that. So I look at that and I go, okay, the opportunity for those companies who are willing to do it right with excellence and who can attract the talent and the capital. The opportunity is enormous. 





Will Cain: Yes.


Nick Ayers: Because what I just named is not even a tenth of a tenth of a tenth of a percent of the American GDP of this 100 million person marketplace. So, that's what I think the opportunity is. The other thing I love about PublicSq. is that the whole design is to create dozens, if not over time, hundreds of winners. This isn't displacing a bunch of other people. It's hopefully inspiring hundreds and hundreds and one day thousands of more, you know, very large companies at scale. By the way, they're already hundreds of thousands of companies on the platform, but I'm saying that it would inspire hundreds of thousands more to be created. 


Will Cain: Yes.


Nick Ayers: You have excellent products and customer service, and by the way, reinvest them in causes that are in line with our American values.


Will Cain: Man, that's what excites me. I'm really thrilled to hear about PublicSq. But the parallel economy, you guys are actually doing it not just talking about it. And the real inspiration for me is not just your success, but the potential for as you just say, the hundreds, the thousands, who knows how big it can be, of companies that can serve what I think is an obvious demand. You can start a company with quality, with talent, with ease of use, and I promise you, there's an audience waiting. You know, back to the puritanical thing, who's just waiting for it to be made easy, you know, replace my Netflix subscription please someone. Fox Nation, Daily Wire, replace, you know, my Paramount subscription, replace Nikes. I think there's a ton of people ready if - the American way, which is entrepreneurialism and risk tolerance, can step up.


Nick Ayers: Yeah, the – the -- I guess my final sort of swing thought, or major takeaway, is if I thought the solution to reuniting the country, which is what I yearn for, for us all, you know, irrespective of -- which is what made America great from the beginning, like, irrespective of our skin color, or our religious convictions, whether we have them or not, or where we're from or whether we were rich or poor, like we were the only place in the world that we're united by the -- the ideal with something bigger and greater than that, which is we're Americans. My desire is not for there to create a division --


Will Cain: Yeah.


Nick Ayers: --or this parallel economy to be the permanent solution. But I came to two conclusions. One is the political solution is not enough. Because I was in the middle and a pretty senior level of when we had a Republican in the White House and we controlled you know, the -- when we controlled Congress. And what I saw there is that the way, you know, the business community, the global business community, had built up in the power and influence they had, and how out of line that was with our country's values -- that we no longer -- if you believe what we believe, we can no longer say, well, we won an election, therefore we're going to succeed. I saw -- I was in the belly of the beast. Okay? That's not enough anymore. So then, so then what is? The only way to bring us back together is to actually inflict some economic consequence where these big companies that for forever loved this country and were loyal to this country and its constitution and its values, where -- where soon they say, you know what, maybe this whole division stuff and trashing the country and -- and crapping on the heads of 100 million people who have Judeo-Christian values. Maybe we should stop doing that.


Will Cain: Yeah, yeah.





Nick Ayers: Hey, that’s my take, that's my -- you know, I would love a scenario -- I'll take one or two scenarios where PublicSq. either becomes when they so big that it displaces them and they learn the ultimate lesson, or that the economic consequences become so obvious in the coming years that they back off of it and say, you know what, we're going to just get back to creating a product and delivering it to these Americans at the best cost and -- and maybe not investing in nonprofit groups that seek to divide and destroy our values. That's -- that, and I think the only way we get there is when we -- when our consumers and when the people listening to your show that love this country, wake up and create some discipline around. Who am I giving my money to? And do they hate me? Like, this is not a complicated question. And if you just look at what they're saying, many of them do. They literally say we don't want your business.


Will Cain: There you go. Check them out. I think we definitely all should check it out. Download it, PublicSq. Nick Ayers, thank you so much, man.


Nick Ayers: Hey, I enjoyed it. This was - this was fun. And I look forward to doing it again. Thanks for having me.


Will Cain: Have fun hunting. Have fun scouting.


Nick Ayers: Yeah, yeah, that's right. Yeah. I am not hunting before the official opening season. 


Will Cain: Right. That was awesome. Nick, thank you so much, man. 


* * * * *


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