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Date: April 4, 2023


Mornings with Maria – Interview with Maria Bartiromo and Michael Seifert

Mornings with Maria (FOX Business)

April 4, 2023


Maria Bartiromo: PublicSq., the largest online conservative marketplace that connects people and businesses, is helping shoppers put their money toward companies that they value -- American values. I want to talk about PublicSq. It’s gotten a lot of attention recently. We have the founder and CEO with us this morning, Michael Seifert. Michael, congratulations. Thanks very much for being here. I know that in February, PublicSq. announced plans to go public with Colombier Acquisition. Tell us more about that. But, before you get into the SPAC deal, tell us about PublicSq. and who the users are.


Michael Seifert: Well, thanks for having me, Maria. It’s been an amazing ride thus far. We have created, in less than ten months since our national launch, the largest marketplace of pro-American businesses and consumers that our nation has ever seen in order to address a largely underserved market. I’m a part of this market. I’ve felt what it feels like to be an American that is watching corporate America largely leave my values behind. There’s this massive unaddressed market of patriotic Americans that want to support American companies that prioritize the Constitution and the values and the freedoms that have made this country so special in the first place. So, we’ve created an online directory for those consumers to match with the businesses that share and respect those same values so that we can ultimately shift the power back to the people with commerce, and we are just getting started. We’ve recently announced that we are heading public with Colombier Acquisition Corp, $CLBR on the New York Stock Exchange. There’s a great team there that shares our values. We want to go public primarily because we’ve been a company that’s by the people, it’s for the people and now it’s time to be owned by we the people.


Maria Bartiromo: Well, I love the idea but, Michael, let me ask you about your business model. How do you make money? Are you talking about being in exchange to connect people to buy things that are American made, that are in step with their values? Or are you also trying to be a social media company that just creates opportunity for conversation and debate?


Michael Seifert: So, we are not a social media company. We are certainly a marketplace. Now, what’s great about the platform is that it provides community because there’s trust fundamental in every transaction. So, we actually had one consumer member reach out a few months ago and say I feel like I just made 6,000 new best friends, because I immediately had a connection to the other consumers in the businesses that are on the platform. But the primary function of our platform is to be able to transact to get exposed to these businesses that have respected our set of values, that have similar desires for the marketplace. Many of the businesses on the platform will actually give discounts to consumers for going there, which is great. So you can actually receive incentive for spending money in alignment with your values. And ultimately, we’ve created the ecosystem. So, what’s great is that there are multiple opportunities for revenue within our platform because we’ve created this -- what has started as a microcosm, but it’s becoming a major force in our economy, even in the early stages here. And so we’re really looking forward to the future because what we’ve learned is that there’s a strong drive from what we believe to be 100 million plus Americans that have said, I’m done with the progressive corporations. I’m tired of being lectured to about my politics. I’m ready to spend money with businesses that love this country, love the freedoms and the values that have made us so special in the first place. And then for us, we get to be the broker of those transactions, those life relationships and that’s a really special opportunity.





Maria Bartiromo: And are there enough businesses out there that you can identify that will meet the needs of potential users and customers? For those people who say I don’t want to buy athletic gear from a company that may be making those -- that gear in China? We don’t know if it’s Xinjiang or anywhere else in China, I don’t want to be part of a company that is getting involved in, you know, election interference in Georgia, or wherever. In other words, are there enough outlets out there that you can actually point people to as an alternative to those products that they may want that are made elsewhere?


Michael Seifert: Absolutely, Maria, and it goes even so much deeper than simply saying you’re pro American, saying you’re pro these values. We have five core values, when a new business joins today, they agree to respect these values. And that helps the consumers know that there’s, again, that trust that’s fundamental to the transaction. But what’s great is that no matter what you’re looking for, we’ve found that we have access to solutions, that the exposure that we’ve been able to provide to businesses across all different industries is really enormous. It’s actually blown one of my own expectations away. I’ll give you examples. We’ve, at PublicSq., found our own bank, that we bank with, through our own platform. We’re having daily circumstances happen in pop culture, like Budweiser recently coming out with Bud Light, we have alternatives on the platform. So anytime something happens in culture, we’re able to point to an alternative that’s high in quality and helps these consumers feel like they’re putting purpose behind their purchase.


Maria Bartiromo: Michael, real quick before you go, are you going to be able to grow and gain scale here? Because we all know it’s tough. To go public through -- a -- in this form that you’re doing it. Because, look at all of the regulation coming against some of those transactions, look at TruthSocial and the tough time that it’s had trying to go public, look at Twitter and the Twitter files that we learned. So, will you be able to gain scale through this public offering?


Michael Seifert: We believe we will, Maria. We believe we’ve operated with integrity at the highest levels. That’s been our goal. And we believe that in less than, you know, right around two years since we’ve incorporated, we have felt like we’ve tried to do things by the book and make sure that we’re pursuing excellence and all that we do and more important than anything else. The market is there for this. The market is ready for this. We have heard daily from thousands of consumers that are joining, signing up with new memberships and saying this marketplace is for me, I am moving my purchases here. I am firing these other companies and I’m hiring you because I believe that this needs to be the future of the American economy. And we believe that that momentum and that movement is so strong, we believe nothing can stop it. We’re really excited for the partnerships that we’ve created, and we believe that the future’s bright at PublicSq.


Maria Bartiromo: All right, we will be watching PublicSq. and of course, the SPAC taking you public. Michael, thanks very much. Michael Seifert - congratulations to you.


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