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The Charlie Kirk Show– Interview with Charlie Kirk and Michael Seifert

The Charlie Kirk Show

March 4, 2023


Charlie Kirk: We need to build a parallel economy. We've talked about that for quite some time. You need to build a parallel economy, need to build a parallel economy, but there is one company that is actually doing it and they have an extraordinarily exciting announcement. And joining us now is a friend of mine, someone who's a great American patriot, a visionary entrepreneur, Michael Seifert, and he is behind PublicSq. that has a very big announcement. Michael, welcome to the program.


Michael Seifert: Thanks for having me, Charlie. Good to see you.


Charlie Kirk: Michael, share the good news with our audience and walk us through what is PublicSq. and what to you - what do you hope to achieve?


Michael Seifert: Well, thanks for asking. First of all, we have created the largest network of patriotic businesses and consumers the country has ever seen. We were hungering for a parallel economy. We were tired of just complaining about it. So, we actually created one and today, less than eight months after our national launch, we are the largest network with hundreds of thousands of active member consumers and tens of thousands of businesses that are all aligned in their value so that there's trust as a part of every single transaction. This week, we have a major announcement. We are going public. We are accompanied by the people, for the people, and soon we get to be owned by we the people. And so there's a great company, a SPAC that's currently public called CLBR. That is taking us public. It's a fantastic team that's like minded in our values. And we're really looking forward to this because we've been a company that's been so grassroots built, it's been we the people that have built this, it's the only way that it's worked to date, we were a bunch of average people that just cared enough to do something and now this company, it gets to be owned by average Americans that just want to support companies that do not hate them, that will help put purpose behind their purchase so that they can actually change the country with the power of their wallet. That's the best testimony we ever hear, Charlie, is when people say “I feel like I'm changing the country by purchasing a cup of coffee differently from this app where I get incentive to spend money in alignment with our values.” So it's been a wild ride so far, but I can confidently tell you we are just getting started.


Charlie Kirk: And so what are the values of PublicSq. then? Because I mean, I can go example after example. In fact, let's play one here, um, because instead of you telling me your values, let's just tell you - let's just see what they are not. Where's the Hershey chocolate? Have you seen this Hershey chocolate thing? 


Michael Seifert: Yeah, absurd.


Charlie Kirk: It's really unbelievable. We have it - we have it cut 1:11 okay -  so I don't think PublicSq. will ever have men masquerading as women promoting their products - play cut 1:11.


“My name is Paige Johnstones, the Executive Director of Wisdom to Action, we can create a world where everyone is able to live in public space as their honest and authentic selves. To the woman changing how we see the future at Hershey's Canada.”


So that's just one of probably a million examples of why you're doing what you're doing. Why is Hershey's chocolate having people that are under a transgender delusion promoting their sugary chocolate? I'm confused.





Michael Seifert: Because they're scared - they are scared of the milkman mob coming after them. They don't actually believe that, like, the reality is the CEO of Hershey's - there is not one single iota of his being that actually believes that that commercial speaks to any semblance of reality. The only reason they're doing it is because there was some DEI officer at some rank of the company that said that this will help them win amongst a certain demographic that will roast them unless they puppet the message of the regime of the day. And so, the reality is what companies like Hershey's need to learn is that the last emerging market in the world and a major major market is the 100 million plus American consumers that are traditionally valued. They love this country. They love their freedoms. They believe in biological gender, the reality that there is man and there is woman, they believe in truth, and they're tired of being lectured by companies when they're just trying to buy a chocolate bar. And so, what we've done is we've provided a marketplace where sanity wins and in the process, not only is it very lucrative for the business owners because they're seeing their - their profits burst from consumers that are values driven to go there. It's also really liberating. Because there's a marketplace that embraces reality, embraces truth, and we're not trying to pick fights with anyone. We are simply running in this lane. They're the ones that picked this battle. They kept telling us for years “go build your own, go build your own”. So, we did. We built our own, and, uh, it's thriving. There are multiple chocolate companies on the app, actually. And this week has been a very good week.


Charlie Kirk: Yeah, I see a couple of them on the front page of the website and the app just so everyone knows it's PulbicSQ. Is that how you find it in the app store? Is that right?


Michael Seifert: Yep, absolutely. You can search PublicSQ if you search “Public Square” we will still show up first, or you can head to to get started. You'll also see our five values on that page. And so you know we'll- you’ll see right underneath our values that says pro-life, pro family, pro freedom. Our mission guides, everything we do, and businesses you find on PublicSQ are values aligned by design. And so, we have five values. We’re united in our commitment to freedom and truth. That's what makes us Americans. Truth - objective truth. Number two, we will always protect the family unit and celebrate the sanctity of every life. 


Charlie Kirk: Mhm.


Michael Seifert: Number three, we believe small businesses and the communities who support them are the backbone of our economy. We are fundamentally anti globalist. We believe in a local economy. We believe in an American economy. Number four, we believe in the greatness of this nation, and we'll always fight to defend it. We are, uh, nationalists at our core in the sense that we believe that the United States should take care of itself before it worries about the world because the best way we can actually serve the world is by serving as an example of what a healthy nation state looks like. And then finally, number five, our constitution is non-negotiable. Government is not the source of our rights, so it cannot take them away. And so, when businesses sign up, they see those values and, uh, they say that they're going to respect those values. They're not gonna spend time, money or resources antagonistically against them, and they're off to the races connected to hundreds of thousands of consumers that are excited to put purpose behind it.


Charlie Kirk: and I think you're just touching the surface here because what you're also trying to do, Michael and build this out we have a couple minutes, is you're trying to change the incentive structure, which I think is the most brilliant part of what you're doing. And it's not as clear on the surface, because right now there is an incentive to be “woke.” The incentive is that you don't have these crazy people shouting at you and calling for your resignation. We call it the “woke excise tax”. You know, Goldman, Hershey, BlackRock, they would much rather just pay 10 to 15 million dollars to, you know, some trans-nonprofit and then they feel as if that's just their penance that protects them. What you're trying to say, though, is no actually we want to make an incentive. We want to create a reward if you are pro American.


Michael Seifert: That's absolutely right. We're actually trying to shift who wins in our economy. Because for far too long, the DEI/ESG crowd has won at the massive corporate level, and it was really sad during COVID. There was a great example of this. You saw some major corporate entities like Walmart and Amazon preaching about the need for further lockdowns. Meanwhile, the small businesses that couldn't lobby the government were locked down, and they had no say in the matter, and they were deemed non-essential. And so, we're actually trying to rewrite the script here. We're trying to tell people a loud and clear message. Small businesses in this country that love their freedoms, love the liberties and the rights endowed by our Creator, these unalienable rights, these businesses will actually win in the long run. We ran a market survey, Charlie, in 27 states when we got started, when I originally had this idea, we asked a few hundred consumers from around the country just to kind of test our idea. We said how many of you, all of which were conservative, but they all came from different socioeconomic backgrounds. How many of you would drive 10 minutes farther or spend 10% more if you knew that every dollar you were spending was in alignment with your values? 98% of our consumers said yes. 


Charlie Kirk: Praise God.





Michael Seifert: And so, the beauty of what happens here, amen, amen. The beauty of what happens here, Charlie, is that not only will the right businesses win - the ones that have stood up to the freedoms of each and every consumer and has refused to infringe upon the rights or the values of literally one hundred plus million Americans that are consumer age. Not only is that the case, but also, we will send a very clear message to the Starbucks of the world, the Targets of the world, the Walmarts of the world, the Disney's of the world, the Amazons of the world, the PayPals of the world, the PNC banks of the world, that were done. 


Charlie Kirk: Yep. 


Michael Seifert: Done with their system. We're unsubscribing and we found a parallel economy that will embrace us for who we are.


Charlie Kirk: Their power has been that we do not have an escape pod. We have not been able to disconnect from their sources. They're able to be awful to us because like, “oh, where are you gonna go?” Like, actually, you know, we'll start to be able to go to rumble. We'll go to PublicSq., like we'll start new companies. And yeah, you know, it's not gonna be the same size as Coca Cola out of the gate. It's not gonna be the same size as Goldman, but honestly, the advantage will be in the agility that we don't have to have the corporate overhead of Coca Cola. I'm telling you; it's going to be bad for business to be “woke.” It already is. And these companies, it's going to start to affect their bottom line. I can't wait for it. Companies that have strong values are going to thrive in this upcoming economic catastrophic recession.


Charlie Kirk: So, Michael, a question, we got Michael from PublicSq. by the way, download the app. “Charlie, can you ask Michael, what sectors or industries do you think are most missing from the parallel economy? How can we fill in the gaps?” That's a really good question. Michael, what are your thoughts?


Michael Seifert: That is a fantastic question. It's actually something that we've recently polled our consumers. We've asked them, hundreds of thousands of them, what's the hardest thing to find? Where do you feel like there's the greatest lack? Some of the common answers or financial services. So, for example, Visa, MasterCard, Discover, those are sort of the big three, and it's very difficult to have alternatives to them. Other industries that are difficult to find alternatives to are things like insurance. Uh, we have a lot of people asking for alternatives to PayPal and there are some that are fast emerging. The good news is - is that there are not no answers to these questions. There are not zero alternatives. Some of them are actually being built currently or they're a little bit smaller. So sometimes they take a little bit of inconvenience in order to get them up to speed but I would cite Rumble as a great case study of - 


Charlie Kirk: Yup, I agree.


Michael Seifert: of what happens when we actually support a company from its early stages, that is trying to be an alternative to one of the big boys. You'll find that over time, as more and more people adopt and they put up with maybe a little bit less features than YouTube, you're gonna find that the platform today, Rumble, can do everything YouTube can do. And the audience there is exploding. So, I would tell people, especially whoever asked this question, it's a great one. Don't let any sort of lag stop you from starting somewhere. People ask all the time “Well, we have iPhones and Google phones and so what's the point? Like they already just have too much of us, like your way it - just it's not going to ever work to have this parallel economy.” Our answer is a simple rebuttal. If you don't start somewhere, we'll never take over Apple. But if you start somewhere, who knows what might happen because you're going to continue to consolidate funds and capital into this parallel economy that will grow on itself. It'll compound. So, you can actually help create a new iPhone one day by purchasing a cup of coffee from someone that doesn't hate you, from buying a new pair of clothes from someone that doesn’t hate you, by using Rumble instead of YouTube. 


Charlie Kirk: Mhm.


Michael Seifert: And you'll find that over time, this is a long game. The left understands that by the way, they know it's a long game and they've been planning for this for thirty, forty years. We have to have that same mentality. We have to have the long game in mind. I'm doing this for my daughter, Charlie.


Charlie Kirk: Same.


Michael Seifert: I know you're doing your kid too. Right? It's - It's the reason we're doing this. It's why we have the long game longevity-focused fight in mind. I will say confidently that I believe twenty, thirty years from now, there will be massive, massive companies doing phenomenal work -


Charlie Kirk: Yup.





Michael Seifert: with the principles of American enterprise at the core of their being because regular patriots today in 2023 stepped up and, for their daily consumer purchases to the best of their abilities, spent money in alignment with their values. 


Charlie Kirk: Yeah, and they, this is what they fear the most. This is why they're trying to take out Rumble. Rumble is going to succeed, and Rumble has successfully de-SPAC’d. So, tell us Michael, are you going to get actually into consumer products too? I mean, what is the goal? What - what can you share publicly about that?


Michael Seifert: That's a great question, Charlie. Glad you asked. Uh, I will tell you that the long-term vision of PublicSq. is that the app would exist as an ecosystem where businesses and consumers could gather together. Majority of the businesses on the platform will actually give you discounts for shopping there so you can receive incentive for spending money in alignment with your values. We then use our search bar to understand what are consumers looking for? What are the pot - what are the products that are most popular to them? We then use that data; we go out to the market and we figure out where there are no good alternatives. And then we actually create our own alternatives and sell them back into the market so that we have, uh, alternatives in the spaces where they don't currently exist and we're able to do it with better margins than our competitors because we already have the customer acquisition channel built into the model. So yes, the - the short answer is absolutely. Consumer products are in our future and to the person's question from earlier, we are paying close attention to where there are no alternatives for how we might be able to fulfill those. 


Charlie Kirk: There's some kind of openings that I think people would be surprised - where there's been some stealthy monopolization activity where all of a sudden you look around like “wow, every company at my choice that I have to choose from, it's like four companies and they all are against my values” and it could be anything from like, I don’t know, like toothpaste to just stuff like that where you wouldn't really think like “wow, okay, Gillette,” which you know, is obviously into razors and also shaving cream. By the way, be careful what kind of shaving cream you use as a separate issue because of all the chemicals and garbage but “they are some of the big trans thing. Push - like Gillette is huge in the trans thing. And obviously they're a multi multi multi billion-dollar enterprise. So, in closing here, Michael, remind our audience, what is the public ticker symbol? And then how can they individually download the app? 


Michael Seifert: Yeah, thanks for asking, Charlie. The public ticker symbol - symbol of the SPAC - is CLBR. Columbier Acquisition Corp. The best way to get started on your PublicSq. journey is You can there find information about our values, where we're from, you can create an account, you can sign up, you can also direct to the App Store to Google Play if you'd prefer to use it in a mobile environment. - best place to get started.


Charlie Kirk: Great.


Michael Seifert: Ticker symbol CLBR. Charlie, thank you so much for having me on. 


Charlie Kirk: You bet, Michael. Keep fighting and we have to build this parallel economy. Thank you. 

Michael Seifert: Amen, thank you.



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