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Mornings with Maria – Interview with Maria Bartiromo and Omeed Malik

FOX Business

March 7, 2023


Maria Bartiromo: Welcome back. Well, PublicSq., announcing it will merge with Columbier Acquisition Corp and will go public on the New York Stock Exchange. The combined company will trade under the symbol PSQH. And joining me right now is Columbier Acquisition Corp. chairman and CEO, Omeed Malik. Malik, it's great to see you. Thanks very much. Congratulations on this big deal.


Omeed Malik: Thank you so much. I really appreciate it.


Maria Bartiromo: I want to get your take on what the growth of this company will be once you go public. And tell me about, specifically, you're investing in patriotic products. You were a venture capital guy, and now you're looking specifically at this SPAC merger.


Omeed Malik: Absolutely, yeah. We're very excited about taking PublicSq. public, which is going to be the first patriotic-oriented digital marketplace in the country. If you think about it, Americans need alternatives to Amazon, basically. We use Amazon because of its convenience but what people don't realize is that every time you're doing that, you're actually enriching China because most of the products are sourced there. So, I think this is just the beginning and the foundation of what I'm very passionate about, which is a parallel patriotic economy that will sprout up. I have a very strong thesis that we've crossed the Rubicon as it relates to neutrality of companies. The same way we've seen differing governing visions in Florida versus New York. I think we're going to start seeing that in commerce. And it's not just about tastes or people wanting to do this I think it is a question of freedom. You've seen large behemoth incumbents, de-platform people and censor them. 


Maria Bartiromo: Yeah.


Omeed Malik: So, when it comes to actually preserving your freedom and liberty, I also think the battlefield will be around commerce, not just politics.


Maria Bartiromo: And, and you are a venture capital investor and you kept getting pitched, uh, replications of woke companies, where founders were thinking, “well, that's so woke, I can come up with something that's made in America, patriotism, and, uh, perhaps that will resonate more with American citizens” and is that what turns you on to this?


Omeed Malik: Well, that's exactly right. And we studied the data. I remember in 2019, I was actually on your show, and you and I looked at each other with bewilderment when the business roundtable declared they were redefining the purpose of a corporation. So, you know, “we didn't start the fire,” as Billy Joel said, they did. They said that it was now going to be about “stakeholders, not shareholders,” which is fine, but why is it that the only stakeholders that were mattering were people who cared about ESG and DEI? And yet, over half the country was being completely ignored. So, this mentality has, uh, you know, for better or for worse now, percolated through American society and 71% of Americans say they want to shop with a company that has their values, and 83% of millennials do. 


Maria Bartiromo: Yeah.


Omeed Malik: So, if that's the case, then this is where we are. And this supports my thesis. So, I think it just makes sense to cater to the other half of the country that isn't having any products directed towards them. 




Maria Bartiromo: Yeah. I mean, it's amazing that this is where we are at this point, but there's so much divisiveness. Uh, similar to your numbers, a 5W public relations consumer culture report for 2022, found that 71% of Americans are more likely to buy from brands that align with their values. PublicSq. CEO and founder tweeted this - “You don't have to go to Starbucks for your coffee. You don't have to go to Target to buy new clothes. You don't have to go to Amazon for online retail. Ditching woke mega corporations in favor of local shops that share your values is a simple thing that will save America.” Omeed, tell me about 1789 and how you're actually allocating capital in this universe.


Omeed Malik: Yeah, exactly. So, I think that this whole “woke capitalism,” which ESG is a derivative of, has failed tremendously. And that has actually also provided opportunities. We know that ESG is more or less a scam, where folks are just virtue signaling. And corporations could get away with that because there was no competitive environment, but [what] we're doing at 1789 Capital is also launching a private fund to finance private assets from the bottom up. And the interesting [thing] there is that this whole “woke capitalism” has provided an opportunity the same way you're saying. Companies want to take capital from venture firms that are not going to push them into this woke arena. It has also, the ESG mentality, ignored very successful businesses. For example, the entire fossil fuel industry needs financing. We are looking at a deal right now of a coal mining company that has about 100 million of ebitda projected and they can't get a $20 million debt facility because banks are not allowed to loan to them. 


Maria Bartiromo: Wow. 


Omeed Malik: That's the opportunity right in front of us as well. And so that's why 1789 is there, uh, to fill the void. And of course, this transaction with PublicSq., to me, we wanted to accelerate it and take them public right away, because we want PublicSq. to be the foundation of this parallel economy. And I thought the most elegant way to do that would be [to] having an exchange or a marketplace where the like-minded buyers and sellers can find each other. 


Maria Bartiromo: Yeah. 


Omeed Malik: You can talk about a parallel economy and have monoline products. But if you can't find the customer, then it's not going to be successful.


Maria Bartiromo: Yeah, it's a great point. Omeed, wish you the best, we'll be watching. Thanks so much for being here this morning. Come back soon.


Omeed Malik: Appreciate it. Thanks, Maria.



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